Go Ahead–Judge Us by the Cover! We’re Sexy!

RealLies Cover


Next year, the parts of Oscar Francesco, Tucker CummingsMadeleine VaughanK. I. Borrowman, Marlena Frank, Cathy Bryant, D.H. Aire, Jenny Robson, Ellen Denton, Karen McCreedy, Greg LeunigMariev FinneganWol-vriey Jesuto (coolest name ever), Zach Lisabeth, and some weirdo blogger in gothic armor will be played by what I can only describe as a sexy, Steampunk gypsy unstoppering an elixir of reality altering escapism.

The image is fitting given the premise of the anthology. RealLies is a collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy stories focusing on characters that either doubt reality and search for some greater truth or seek some way of altering reality to manifest their dreams. My story, “The Wolf of Descarta”, features hackers and gamers that rely almost solely on simulation to live out their lives in a future where a genetic caste system has so repressed the individual that escapism has become necessary for survival.

Given what I put my characters through, unstoppering a golden vial would have made their lives a hell of a lot easier.

I’m honored to have a place with these other authors, as some of them have many previous publications in these genres. Unless you count some ghostwriting I did right out of college (sworn to secrecy), this is the first time I’ve been published with a proper cover. And if you’ve read Rejection: Greatest Hits, you probably noticed how close this particular story has come in novel form and how many times it’s been rejected.

Given what these publishers put me through, unstoppering a golden vial would have made my life a hell of a lot easier too.

This is the part where Em comes in, tells me to stop acting like Cloud, and mentions that the gypsy is wearing the same armband she used to wear when we were dating.

I really, really like this cover.

Anyway, feel free to ogle us at Amazon.com. Just don’t ogle that armband. There will be consequences if you ogle the armband.

Dire consequences.



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5 responses to “Go Ahead–Judge Us by the Cover! We’re Sexy!

  1. TAE

    I’ve been trying all day to think of what the style (not the picture itself) reminds me of…


    • It reminds me of the comic book style oils that Dark Horse comics used for the Dark Empire books in that it’s abstract, but not quite so much as the standard pencils and ink faire.

      I’m just happy the damn finally thing has a cover. We got the ball rolling for this book in July. If Zharmae decides to publish the full novel, it’ll take even longer.


  2. Heidi

    I’m waiting for a rant about Nicolas Cage. Haha!


    • Would you settle for a rant about Vampires featuring allusions to Nicolas Cage?

      And is this what you guys are going to be doing over break lol?


      • Heidi

        Hahaha, yes! Deanna had posted on Twitter the other day “Pike “I’m going to get wasted and run threw the street screaming I’m a vampire ” tff?” and I had to explain to her what it was about. It was, FANTASTIC.

        Looking at your blog, or obsessing over how horrible Nicolas Cage is? I usually do both, because I have a blog too.. and have a life in the internet. Which leads to watching videos about Nicolas Cage.


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