New Feature: Facebook Author Page

The obligatory traditional author bio pic...

The obligatory traditional author bio pic…

At the urging of some friends and those students who can’t add me on Facebook because they’ve yet to graduate (this is my rule, and a good one), I’ve created an author page where Cyberspace can essentially devour me whole. When I get up the nerve to do a reading or to schedule a book signing, this is where the information will be. You’ll also find updates there that are too mundane or brief to be included in this space. If you’re one of the many subscribers that follows this blog but are not a WordPress user, this page might also be a more convenient place for you to drop me a line.

I’ve added the link to the sidebar. Feel free to drop by and smash that “like” button if you feel the urge. I hope to see you there.


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5 responses to “New Feature: Facebook Author Page

  1. Swing by my blog when you’ve got a free minute, Daniel. Think you’ll be pleased . . .


  2. TAE

    Somehow this post did not show up in my reader…
    I quit facebook almost a year ago, but I might need an account soon for my volunteer “job”.

    And hey, it’s FebFirst! Woot-woot 🙂
    Hope you have a good day.


  3. Brendan Myers

    Daniel!! It’s Brant! Not sure you still read this, but if you do e-mail me man! I live in Phoenix. or facebook me @


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