RealLies Contest and Updates from the Writing Universe

RealLies Full Cover

I swear it exists!

RealLies launched on February 1st–officially. Today is Valentine’s Day, and I still don’t have a copy! I do have author copies on the way, but as I am impatient, I’ve tried the route. Temporarily unavailable. Barnes & Noble’s website was the same story. Out of stock. I was expecting (dreading) reviews by now. Instead, I’ve been watching sales numbers bounce around, but nary a comment to be had. Wondering if anyone has gotten their hands on this book, I checked Zharmae’s Facebook and found the above image. I’m grateful that Descarta made the back cover–I just wish I had a physical copy!

What? I’m old-fashioned. Didn’t notice all the references to the Middle Ages on this blog?

My publisher has also tweeted a Valentine’s Day, 1,000-word flash fiction contest with the prize being a free eARC copy of RealLies. (I assume this means they’re working on the electronic edition now.) Stories must be Sci-Fi themed and address the question, “Who’s your Valentine?” Entries must be e-mailed directly to travis @ zharmae. com (no spaces) by the end of the day Pacific Time, so fire up your word processors and get moving if you want free stuff!

For those of you camping this blog for Harper Voyager unagented submissions news, Harper gave a press release February 1st stating that the editors have rejected about half of the submissions already. If you’ve yet to receive a rejection, this means you’re either one of the 543 set aside for further reading or one of the 1,800 that still need to be read. Only one new author, Katherine Harbour, has been announced so far.

I received a rejection for one of the two books I sent to Harper. The trouble is that all the rejections are coming as form e-mails (typical) without the title of the book (not typical). At this point, I don’t know for certain which of my novels is still in the running and which one got the ugly ax. (I can guess, though.) Good luck to everyone who’s still in this with me.

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