So I’ve Been Busy… (And The Book Is Out Early!)

Yesterday, I had an interview with Daniel Dullum at the Florence Reminder and Blade Tribune regarding The Dream Box series and the balance I’ve struck between writing Speculative Fiction and teaching high school English. The feature is scheduled to run in the Thanksgiving weekend newspaper. I couldn’t be more pleased!

This afternoon, The Wolf of Descarta, the first novel in the trilogy, received its first review, which came from Fabulous and Fun. Mike (who got his hands on my book early) had this to say:

“This was a remarkably descriptive dystopian sci-fi adventure that you will need a map, some notes, and possibly a chart or two to keep up with! Multiple layers, upon layers, upon, layers of plot twists intertwine through a large cast of characters and several planes of existence to weave together a story that will leave you wanting to know what will happen next.

The book manages to toss around some hefty concepts such as sentience, free will, artificial intelligence, caste systems, and such without getting heavy handed. I thought it also does a good job of pacing itself so the reader isn’t too overwhelmed with the depth of content involved. That being said, I’m sure I missed stuff, so I’ll gladly re-read this when the next book in the dream box series is unleashed!”
5 Stars (5 / 5)

Tonight, I realized that–for whatever reason–Amazon is already selling the Kindle edition of the book despite its official release date being tomorrow. You can get it right here. Charge your batteries and let me know what you think!

If you’re holding out for the print edition of The Wolf of Descarta, it’s scheduled for release on November 29. I’m sure it’ll be easier to sign than your e-reader, and as you’ve seen, the cover alone is worth the ruthless murder of a few unsuspecting trees…  

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