And the winner is…

Michael Trujillo is the winner of the mascot art contest. Michael, who is my former student, is something of a local legend in Florence, AZ, having managed a scholarship to the Ringling College of Art and Design and landing his first book deal as an illustrator during his second semester. I have all kinds of artwork from his high school years hanging up in my very eclectic classroom–Nordic gods and goddesses, merfolk, and a very interesting project involving The Count of Monte Cristo and a banana that I use as an example every year. (The latter sounded random to me too until I heard the lad’s presentation, which I also use as an example every year.)

Despite his talent, he is the humblest person I’ve ever met. It’s quite refreshing, honestly. 

Michael’s passion lies in animation/children’s books, so he was the perfect candidate to design and draw the Coquil, which starts off as an adorable creature in The Wolf of Descarta and transforms when provoked into a bloodthirsty, killing machine. He also managed to do this during finals at Ringling, which makes him a far, far better man than me. (I was in a bunker grading papers for the last week, which is why this blog has gotten as little action as [CENSORED].

For his efforts, Michael will receive free, signed copies of The Wolf of Descarta and RealLies. You can check out his artist page here.

Now, everybody get ready to run for your lives…


How exactly is this thing a threat? Check out the free excerpt of The Wolf of Descarta on Amazon and find out! Or click the Order My Books link for more information.

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