Author Bio

Daniel Pike left a life of obscurity as a ghostwriter to accept a position in the hallowed halls of academia, believing a career in education would probably keep the lights on in his house and his two daughters, Aurie and Kiera, clothed and fed.

He soon realized he labored under the delusion that teachers, in exchange for lousy pay and long hours, were then granted extensive vacations–during which time he would be constantly writing. Well, it didn’t exactly work out that way, but with enough caffeine, anything, even publication, is possible.

THE WOLF OF DESCARTA is the first of the Dream Box series and introduces readers to a virtual world where anything imaginable is possible–except for the truth. The cyberpunk adventure continues in BETRAYAL AT PHOBOS.

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5 responses to “Author Bio

  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by and for the follow. I’ve returned the favor. Cheers mate!!!


  2. My good sir, I thank you for your follow and for your blog. I am spazzing with nerdy glee.


  3. You’re a wry card after my own preferentially dry wit, brother. Cheers.


    • & by the way, incidentally, incase you’ll be interested to know, I’ve found your web log by way of researching antique depictions of The Fisher King! Remarkably, I haven’t yet found nor ever seen (to my rather foggy recall) ANY pre-20th century artwork/illustration of that most crucial scene wherein that otherwise great king fatefully became … ‘fissured’? Strange, but not entirely surprising–the time-honored Western/European Judeo-Christian, patriarchal tradition of … rather, ‘hiding man’s shame’? ; ]
      All the best with that educational system’s ‘largess’, mate.

      ~’Sir GaleWayne’


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