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Reviews for RealLies Challenge!

Now that RealLies has hit Kindle, I’ve begun to see reviews of “The Wolf of Descarta” filter through to my e-mail and Twitter. While these reviews are positive and very encouraging, the biggest complaint I’ve received is that the story can’t possibly end where it does. One blogger described it as having a “Joe Abercrombie ending”. (I find this flattering.)

That Max Avalon chose to end the anthology with “The Wolf of Descarta” gives the collection a distinct theme that speaks to the concept of subjective reality and the potential consequences of living in a fish bowl universe.

But my readers are right. The story doesn’t end there.

“The Wolf of Descarta” is the first part of my novel, The Dream Box, which my publisher has optioned under what’s called a “right of first refusal” contract. If the anthology does well, there’s a real possibility of the rest of the story seeing the light of day. (Not to mention an additional chapter focusing on Renton Hayes that is absent from “The Wolf of Descarta”.)

Do you want to hear the rest of the story, dear readers? There’s a way you can help.

While I truly appreciate the positive responses I’ve received via e-mail and social media, Amazon.com is the proper forum for both praise and criticism. Therefore, I propose the following challenge:

If RealLies manages to accrue 25 reviews on Amazon.com that directly reference “The Wolf of Descarta”, I will post the next five chapters (plus Hayes’ chapter) to the Excerpt of the Week section of this blog, where they will remain until I sell the rights to the book.

Copies in various e-book formats other than Kindle are available if you order directly from TZPP. Just follow this link or click the tab at the top of this blog, and you can be reading in minutes!

For those of you who ordered the physical book, my understanding is that they are on the way. I’m still waiting for my author copies as well. Once we have some dead trees in hand, I plan to schedule a few signings/readings in Arizona. I attended the Tucson Festival of Books last weekend (as a fan), and after the phenomonal experience I had there, I’m considering looking at the venues near U of A. The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale also has my eye, but these are considerations for later.

Check back soon for a post chronicling my experiences at the aforementioned festival, where I was fortunate enough to pick the brains of authors like Patrick Rothfuss, Kevin Hearne, and Charles de Lint.

As always, I will share what I’ve learned. 🙂

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